Implemented Projects

1. Loading robot for back compression moulding systems

Function: Loading and unloading vertical machines for back compression moulding of plastic moulded parts.
Workpiece: Interior trim parts for automobiles
Description: A sturdy steel frame carries a vertical axis with a horizontal axis each for loading and unloading of the pressing tool. All axes are designed light-weight, are driven by servomotors and are programmable via the control panel. For changing the pressing tool, the robot can be moved on rails.
Special features: Low space requirement (20 m²), weight 6 t, increase in system productivity approx. 40%, Performance 405.000 lifts/a
Installation: GB, BRD, A

2. Production line for panels

Function: Machining and assembly of interior trim panels in the production run
Special features: Length 30 m, weight 30 t, programmable CAD/CAM production for lot size 1, high production output of the fully-automatic production
Workpiece: Installation site:
Installation site: A

3. Welding cells for stainless steel tank systems

Function: Joining and welding of 3 stainless steel deep-drawn parts
Workpiece: Workpiece: Tank filler neck
Description: Welding cell with two clamping devices, which are loaded manually, and a welding robot.
Special features: Bridging of production-related gap sizes of max. 3 mm with weld pool support at 1 mm sheet thickness
Installation site: A

4. Micro-glass sorting plants

Function: Quality control of glass tube sections
Workpiece: Glass tube sections, diameter 1.2 mm, various lengths
Description: The glass tube sections are sieved from the bulk material, straightened, separated and the camera is provided for capturing images. The checked tube sections are divided into good parts and bad parts and are returned as bulk material
Special features: Output 80 pcs/s
Installation site: BRD