Welding cells

One of our core competences is the production of complete welding systems in combination with our PLASMATRON® welding process or other methods together with the product-linked clamping devices.

Built using state-of-the-art technology, our systems are characterised particularly by the following features:

– High performance through optimised processes
– Ease of use (operation, set-up, maintenance)
– High safety
– Low maintenance
– Easy transport thanks to the compact design
– High accuracy and durability due to sturdy construction
– Use of proven standard components
– On-schedule delivery

All components of our welding cells (robots, tensioning devices, protective cladding and auxiliary systems) are built on a sturdy base frame to ensure the exact positioning of the devices at all times.
We build welding systems with turner (horizontal and/or vertical), single or multiple welding stations, manual or automatic loading and unloading and – if desired – with upstream and downstream production steps.


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