InoCoat – the ultimate coating process

Process – The InoCoat plasma head of the variant 3 (IC3) is a plasma head optimised for coatings. Through the special generation of the plasma and the feeding of powder or precursor, coatings are also deposited on temperature-sensitive substrates.

Powder – On a powder basis, conductor tracks and conducting coatings are deposited with the most diverse alloys or coatings, which have the function of increasing the friction coefficient. Also coatings against corrosion or as welding optimisations have been produced.

Precursor – On a precursor basis, coatings which have an anti-adhesion or an adhesion-promoting effect are produced. In the process, the surface tension in the anti-adhesive coating is reduced to such an extent that the values come close to those of Teflon, but without the toxic fluorine substances. These coatings have even more advantages, such as transmittance enhancement, scratch resistance and/or barrier effect.

Research laboratory – In our research laboratory, we can apply all coatings and we try to fulfil your requirements. Challenge us and you will see that together we can achieve amazing results.

Development – Coatings are developed, tested and evaluated in collaboration with technical colleges, universities and independent R&D Centres. Also, research projects are implemented jointly.


Inocoat 3, Plasmajet