1. Toolset

All the necessary torque wrenches and adapters are available in the Toolset. The torque wrenches ease the operation and enable higher reproducibility with different operators.



2. Wire cutter

The wire cutter is used for exact positioning of the wire under the cathode tip and creates a neat first tip of the wire.



3. Concentricity device

The concentricity device is used for checking the concentricity of the cathode in PLASMATRON®.




4. Anti-Crash-Sensor

The Anti-Crash-Sensor is an anti-collision pneumatic control. It is installed between PLASMATRON®-holder and the robot. The adapter plates can be offered after technical clarification.

5. Power source

We use TIG power sources from the company Fronius as standard. However, we can adapt our cable assembly to any TIG current source which has an HF ignition.
Depending on the control type we can offer different bus modules (Profibus, ProfiNet, Interbus, DeviceNet, Ethernet, Hardwired, etc.).

6. Nozzle set

The nozzle set is attached to the PLASMATRON® torch. It consists of several parts (e.g. cathode, ceramics, nozzles), which can also be ordered separately under their respective order numbers. We will be happy to advise you on this.

7. Cathode grinding device

The cathode grinding device is used for creating the correct angle and the correct cathode surface. The cathode grinding device can be ordered inclusive the steel cabinet and the vacuum cleaner.

8. Wire sharpener

The wire sharpener is used for rounding off the wire tips in order to avoid destruction of the wire core.

9. Cathode grinding gauge

The cathode grinding gauge is used for checking the grinding angle and the cathode surface. It can also be used for checking the cathode length.

10. Nozzle pull-off device

The nozzle pull-off device is required to detach the nozzles from the PLASMATRON® torch.

11. Service bracket

The service bracket is fix mounted in the service area. PLASMATRON® is fixed on the service bracket for the cathode and nozzle changing procedures. The toolset is the appropriate tool for servicing.

12. Welding monitoring

With welding monitoring the process parameters can be monitored inline and stored in a database. The individual parameters such as upper and lower limits can be defined in order to generate warning and fault limits that are matched to the process.

13. Adapter plates

On the 3rd axis of the robot mostly the wire feeder, the media coupling and the other interfaces are built. Such mounting plates or adapter plates, e.g. between the robot and PLASMATRON®, are created and manufactured according to the technical requirements.