Camera system

1. Automatic, optical measuring and control system (OMC)

The OMC has the following functions:
– Integrated TCP control
Fully automatic measurement
– With integrated cathode wear check
– Reduces the production of bad parts in the series
– Very clear visualisation
Individual password protected settings of the evaluations
– Integrated, adaptable interface for device handling

In the optical measuring and control system, it is clearly determined, by measuring the geometrical distances, whether the wire is ideally positioned towards the cathode tip, the cathode tip towards the nozzle, the cathode tip towards the workpiece, or if there is any, still permissible, misalignment.
If a slight misalignment is detected, a warning message is output first. If this misalignment is greater, a fault message is output.


2. Optical length and concentricity control system (OLC)

The OLC has the following functions:

– Complete Service Station
– Measurement and evaluation of the plasma head
Automatic measurement of the concentricity
Statistical recording and evaluation

The OLC measures the geometric distances in order to check the entire torch in its rotary axes within the previously defined tolerance field. Simultaneously, the geometric data of the torch are controlled.
The tolerances, warning and fault limits are defined by the users and can be password protected. The adjustment of the cathode length is graphically supported, which leads to a very simple service handling.

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