Seam tracking

The Mechanical Seam Tracking (MST)

The Mechanical Seam Sracking (MST) enables seam-tracked joining. The wire feed nozzle is at the same time a tactile sensor. This system, which has been specifically developed for PLASMATRON® process, enables tracking of a seam in the 3D area, without changing the optimally set distance between the workpiece and the cathode. Tolerances of the robot movements, the clamping device and the workpieces are corrected fully automatically. Compensation of +/- 15 mm in each direction is possible.

The compact design ensures low weight and good accessibility. The integration into a system is done via a mechanical flange and a bus-compatible, pneumatic valve terminal. However, the MST can also be adapted to other processes, e.g. for TIG, plasma, MAG / MIG or even trademark processes such as CMT, ColdArc, etc.

The advantages are:

-Exact torch guidance through sophisticated guide geometry
-Insensitive to secondary influences such as smokes and fumes due to mechanical components
-Easy to adjust and service-friendly
-Adaptable to other processes

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