Mechanical Engineering

Idea – We are a company of „innovative processes“. Our customers in the field of mechanical engineering benefit from the great spirit of innovation and spirit of inquiry of our employees.

Competence – The entire plant engineering, right from conception, to planning, up to production, is carried out at INOCON.

Potential – Our employees can fall back on many years of expertise in finding future-oriented solutions for automation tasks. A team of designers, mechanical engineers, electrical designers, automation engineers, mechatronics engineers, etc. develops and designs a plant together with the customer. These plants are built in our in-house production facility and accepted by customers.

Feasibility – All standard testing facilities are available at our in-house test laboratory.

Solutions – To date, we have already implemented plants for almost all industrial sectors. In order to ensure short response times and proper functioning of the completed plants, we try to achieve, in the plants manufactured by us, the highest possible level of vertical integration, insofar economically and technically feasible.

Contact person: Patrick Willner, Tel.: +43-7674-62526-22, E-mail:

System Partner: For over 20 years, INOCON has gathered a vast amount of experience realising 100+ highly individual automation projects. To further provide innovative solutions we have become official system partner of KUKA in 2018.

  • Concept development


    Concept development

    Concepts are developed and ideas are presented in a joint meeting with the customer. Experience with regard to safety, operation and regulations is taken into account right from the beginning and applied during implementation.

  • Engineering



    Experienced employees implement the concepts. The mechanical, electrical and pneumatic designs are done in-house. We carry out the required calculations and the necessary tests. Project planning is an important part of our performance.

  • Production



    The required components and parts are manufactured in our own production facility. There is broad fundamental knowledge available in our company, based on single-item production. This includes processing of the most diverse metals (e.g., molybdenum, tungsten, Cu,) as well as plastics or ceramics. Customers who place an order for contract manufacturing benefit from this know-how.

  • Electrical assembly


    Electrical assembly

    Switch or control cabinets are implemented according to the applicable standards and designs developed. The wiring from the cabinets to the actuators and sensors is also done by us. Since we are commissioned by a wide variety of industries, our employees possess expert knowledge and are familiar with all the standards – to the benefit of our customers. We will be happy to carry out a switch cabinet construction for you.

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